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Vered Flower Import Limited has been trading since 1986. It is now one of longest established UK importers Of Quality Fresh Flowers and Foliages. Our Products are imported from Colombia and Ecuador in South America, Kenya in East of Africa and from the Republic of South Africa, Israel and Turkey in the Middle East, Sri Lanka and India In the Far East. Our long Experience of Importing means we established long and trusted relationship with quality and trustworthy growers, who work closely with us to deliver Fresh, long lusting products on a year round basis. Most products are flown or trucked to Holland, and distributed on a daily basis in temperature controlled transport, directly to our customers, wherever they are.
Our sophisticated Web based sales program enables customers to log on, see what is on stock, check our prices, and order for next day delivery. Alternatively, orders are taken over the phone, mail or fax for future deliveries, be they a day or a week in advance. Standing orders are also set up, to ensure continuous supply of regular quantities at variable, or non variable price.

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